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TargetProcess sprint info widget for Dashing-JS

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TargetProcess sprint widget

Author: Julian Kleinhans ยท Blog:

Dashing-JS is a NodeJS port of Dashing, an Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards.

The TargetProcess sprint widget is a small widget which provides the team the end date of the current sprint and their left working days count.


TargetProcess sprint widget

Example Dashboard




$ npm install -g dashing-js

Widget dependencies

$ npm install tp-api
$ npm install cron
$ npm install strsplit
$ npm install moment


$ dashing-js install

Create a new directory config on your root directory. Move the widgets/targetprocess_sprint/config.targetprocess_sprint.sample.js file to this directory and rename it to config.targetprocess_sprint.js.



To include the widget on your dashboard, add the following snippet to the dashboard layout file:

<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1">
  <div data-id="targetprocess_sprint" data-view="TargetprocessSprint"></div>
  <i class="fa fa-clock-o icon-background"></i>

Or if you use Jade as your favorite template engine

li(data-row='1', data-col='1', data-sizex='1', data-sizey='1')
  div(data-id='targetprocess_sprint', data-view='TargetprocessSprint', class='widget')
  i(class='fa fa-clock-o icon-background')


module.exports = {

    eventName: 'targetprocess_sprint',
    cronInterval: '15 * * * * *',

    api: {
        host: '',
        context: '2439DD66D093095E290CF98FB987D4B7',
        version: '1',
        protocol: 'https',
        token: 'bcdefabcdefabcdefgbcdefabcdefabcdefg'
        // or instead of an API token
        // username: '',
        // password: '',

Global settings

Setting Example Description
eventName github_pullrequests Event name, must be the same as the data-id attribute
cronInterval 1 * * * * * Click here for available cron patterns

API settings

Setting Example Description
host Host of your TargetProcess
protocol https Http or https
context 2439DD66D093095E290CF98FB987D4B7 ACID ID if you want to fetch something from a specific project
version 1 TargetProcess API version, dont change
token bcdefabcdefabcdefgbcdefabcdefabcdefg TargetProcess API token
username julian.kleinhans If you dont have an API token, you can also use your username/password. But I highly recommend to use an API token
password xxxxxxx Your TargetProcess password



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